What is SMTS?
SMTS is an abbreviation for SUPERMARKET TRADE SHOW. It offers the latest information to food distribution industry focus on supermarkets. It gives you the opportunity to meet the leaders from the retail, wholesale, ready meal and food service industry, and to bring partnership potential, networking and sharing-trend for your new business chances.
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  Organizer's Project zone

Special Theme Zone for Unique Overseas Food Products
Foods that are usual and common in your country may be perceived as peculiar in Japan. Japanese supermarket buyers are looking for unique and original food products all the time. There are many opportunities for overseas products especially which are still unfamiliar in Japan.

In SMTS2019, we will set up a theme zone where we present several recipes using unfamiliar overseas food products in order to create additional demands from retailers who are willing to introduce new items.
  • Additional exposure in the theme zone
  • Special backup from the organizer
  • New demand creation for overseas foods
Exhibitors: Makers of unique food products with characteristics that represents its country
Exhibit Fee: 80,000JPY (including tax)
Operation method
  • Making recipes featuring overseas food products unfamiliar to Japanese
  • Cooking demonstration in the kitchen studio and free sampling to the visitors
  • Each menu and its ingredients are shown in the adjoining display area
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