What is SMTS?
SUPERMARKET TRADE SHOW offers the latest information to food distribution industry focus on supermarkets. It gives you the opportunity to meet the leaders from the retail, wholesale, ready meal and food service industry, and to bring partnership potential, networking and sharing-trend for your new business chances.
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Concierge desk for overseas buyers

SMTS2018 will set up a concierge desk especially optimized for overseas buyers. It will surely help the buyers to find the desired producers and you will find exactly what you are looking for!

Concierge desk will be set up in Central Mall, next to the main registration in front of Hall 1-8

<The function of the concierge desk>
  • Visitor Registration (Questionnaire)
    Registration can be completed at the concierge desk. You will also be asked to answer some simple questions. We will introduce the optimized way to visit the show after studying your answer.
  • Introduction of the exhibitors who are ready to export
    We will pick up the exhibitors who are ready to export and indicate the information clearly. It will make your tour in the venue far more easier!
  • Free-of-charge interpreter service
    Free-of-charge interpreter service is available in order to help your business meeting.
  • Free-of-charge import export business consulting service
    Professional import export business consultant who is specialized in food import/export will give you advice. You can ask anything such as the current Japanese food market or things you need to be careful about when you start business with a Japanese company.
Examples of your need:
  • I don't know which hall I should go in order to find a certain booth I want to visit.
  • I want to know which exhibitor has the product I am looking for. And are they all ready to export?
  • I want someone to help me when I talk to Japanese exhibitors.
  • What's hot in Japanese market right now?
  • When trading with a Japanese company, what kind of thing should I be careful of?
Please ask for help at the concierge desk!

Japanese Craft Sake & Beer Zone

New theme zone "Japanese Craft Sake & Beer Zone" is the area you will meet products of craftsmen who value Japanese tradition.
You can indulge in the art of craft and their passion for regional diet, food culture and history of Japan.

The main product is "alcohol (sake)".
Japan quality is there to be fully displayed with the selected brewers' specialty products.
You can taste all the products on display.

Zone image

  • Displayed Zone: Soft and Alcoholic Beverage Zone
  • Scale: 50 participating companies (expected)
  • Exhibiting Companies: Mainly Japanese brewers of sake and craft beer who are community-based (except large national brands)

We are looking forward to your visit!

SMTS2018 is certified with "beyond2020 program" for the purpose of attractiveness of Japanese food culture through local and regional products at SMTS 2018