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When using Supermarket Trade Show logo, please consent to the following Logo Usage Guidelines (PDF) before downloading.

Abstract of Supermarket Trade Show Logo Usage Guidelines
  1. These guidelines, hereinafter called "the guidelines", have been defined by Supermarket Trade Show Secretariat, hereinafter called "SMTS Secretariat", in order to explain the usage and the procedure for using Supermarket Trade Show trademark, hereinafter called "SMTS logo".
  2. SMTS logo user, hereinafter called "the user", is considered to have consented to the guidelines.
  3. SMTS Secretariat encourages companies and associations who agree the aim of SMTS to actively use SMTS logo to promote the show.
  4. The guidelines are subject to change without notice. In such case, the latest guidelines become effective.
  5. If the purpose of usage of SMTS logo is considered to be inappropriate, SMTS Secretariat may require the user to stop or correct the use of SMTS logo.