Organizer’s project & Seminar

SMTS2022 Special project
Hall 4, 5, 6

As health values diversify, so do food trends.
Therefore, we have established a new "Food Trend Zone," which has been expanded to include trends other than health in the Care Foods Zone.
This year, the following two themes will be set up to introduce the latest trend information and products to visitors.

"Beauty & Health x Food": Products that help create a beautiful and healthy mind and body
  • Diet (Low-carb, Low-calorie)
  • Body building (High-protein, High-nutrition, Low-fat)
  • Beauty (Beauty, Anti-aging, Super food)
  • Health oriented foods (Low-salt, Low-glycemic foods, Allergy-free)
  • Mental health care (Relax, Stress-free, Guilt-free)
  • Functional foods and beverages (Food for specified health use, Foods with functional claims, Food with nutrient function claims)
  • Health-care foods (Supplements, Health foods, Foods for elders who need nursing care, Quasi-drug)
"Sustainability x Food": Products that take sustainability into consideration
  • Plant-based foods
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal
  • Organic foods, Natural foods
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental label, Certificated label
  • SDGs
  • Food loss, Recycle, Upcycle
SMTS2022 Organizer’s project
Hall 1

Hand-Made NIPPON
Theme zone displaying alcoholic beverages made in Japan

Craft beer, shochu, sake, and Japanese wine will be introduced, along with the thoughts and skills that go into making each product.

Hall 4

Food safety and security measures

Information about hygiene in supermarkets.

SMTS/DTS Online Seminar [All in Japanese only]
Free online viewing

Online streaming will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 16.
The award ceremony will be distributed LIVE on the same day (after the distribution, it will be archived).

*Please note that all the seminars will be distributed in Japanese only. For more details and how to watch, please visit the Japanese website.

Excerpts from the main seminars:

■ SMTS Speaks: "Offensive and defensive defense measures"

■ Supermarket White Paper 2022

...and more