[ Organizer's Project ]
Organizer's Project
Handmade in Japan- Theme zone displaying alcoholic beverages made in Japan
We will introduce the "techniques" and "sentiments" of the creators who prioritize local regions and focus on quality that respect the traditions of Japan. We propose newly adding "Japanese wines and fruit wines" to existing brewers (craft beer, sake, shochu) to expand the number of brewers.

New product pickup exhibition (focused on Japanese Regional Product)
We will exhibit new products that will be displayed in the "SMTS 2019 Japanese Regional Product Zone (Hall 9-11)" for each product category rather than by region, and this will be used as a tool for visitors to efficiently explore the halls.

Overseas foods to Japanese table *The link is available in Japanese only
There are many opportunities for overseas products especially which are still unfamiliar in Japan. We present several recipes using unfamiliar overseas food products in order to create additional demands from retailers who are looking for new items.

Food Safety and Sanitation
This is a corner aimed at disseminating information on food safety of food supermarkets as food-related companies will introduce HACCP two years later.

Future Store “NOW”
The continuous near future supermarket research gives you ideas and possible solutions toward social environment changes such as aging population with declining birthdate, decrease in population and labor shortage. Supermarkets can be one of the essential elements for vitality life and urban development support in near future.