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Exhibition Guide     Application Form

Please send the application form by email to the Overseas Secretariat.

After the receipt of the application form, the organizer examines the applicant's products planned to be displayed. In case the organizer considers that the applicant or the exhibiting product is not appropriate for the show, the application may be refused.

Cancellation Policy
Change or Cancellation of the Application
After the submission of the application, the exhibitor is not permitted to change or cancel the application in principle. If the exhibitor changes or cancels the application, the exhibitor must notify the organizer in writing and pay the prescribed cancellation fee.

Cancellation Fee On or before September 17, 2020: 30% of exhibition fee
On and after September 18, 2020: 100% of exhibition fee
<In case of entry restriction into Japan>
By November 30, 2020: You can change your exhibit plan to "remote booth" option.
If you chose not to change to “remote booth” option and cancel your regular booth(s), above cancellation fee will be incurred.
On and after December 1, 2020: The organizer will refund the exhibit fee after deducting necessary expenses.
Exhibition fee reimbursing policy in case of cancellation due to force majeure

In case of cancellation due to a cancellation request from the government of Japan, local governments, related ministries etc., the exhibition fee after deducting necessary expenses to be reimbursed to the exhibitor.

Application Deadline
September 17, 2020
*If the booths are sold out before the deadline, the application form cannot be accepted.
Determination of booth location
Floor layout will be announced at the beginning of October. The organizer will do the layout of the booth location carefully considering the following aspects.
Member of Non-member of NSAJ
Difficulty level of product move-in, move-out and booth build-up
Exhibit zone
Number and configuration of exhibiting booths
Past record of exhibiting
Exhibit Items